Non- traditional American gabled house

Architecture firm Feuerstein Quagliara has integrated a series of covered outdoor spaces into this handsome country home, which is designed to provide visual and physical connections to the landscape from every room. The Hass House is located in Livingston Manor, a hamlet in the Catskill Mountains in Upstate New York is situated on a grassy knoll, overlooking farmland.
The house is a playful reconfiguration of the traditional American side-gabled house. The home is topped with a continuous gabled roof, which covers both the interior rooms and outdoor spaces, allowing for full connection in both internal and external.
Exterior walls are clad in rough-cut pine that was stained black, combined with the building’s simple form, create a graphic silhouette against the landscape.
The ceiling shapes vary in the home, depending upon each room’s function. The bedrooms have flat ceilings to help them feel cosy, the communal space ceiling alternates between flat and vaulted, helping delineate the areas for cooking, eating and lounging.
In the communal space, a long bar of cabinetry stretches along one wall. The team also incorporated a concrete bench, a wood-burning stove and a small nook for storing firewood.The kitchen is fitted with two islands made of plywood and concrete, which form a buffer between the living and dining spaces.Skylights bring in soft daylight and facilitate cross ventilation during the warmer months.

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