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Taking its name from the former Prinsengracht Hospital that it occupies, the project Fosbury & Sons Prinsengracht carries on Fosbury & Sons’ predilection for landmark buildings, albeit this time swapping the modernist austerity of its Antwerp and Brussels locations for the 19th century grandeur of a listed national monument. Occupying an historical canal-side building in Amsterdam, thoroughly renovated by architect Roberto Meyer of MVSA Architects and interior design practice Going East, the historic building comprises 6,000 square-metres of fully serviced work places, meeting rooms, event spaces and restaurant, which combine the professional poise of a contemporary workplace with the welcoming ambience of a hotel.
Launched as a joint venture with the building’s owners, Fosbury & Sons Prinsengracht reflects the company’s founders, Stijn Geeraets, Serge Hannecart and Maarten Van Gool’s quest for a holistic, elegant and people-oriented workplace that offers autonomy, flexibility and connectivity for both freelancers and companies looking for temporary premises.

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