Park Life – Colorado

Located on the bank of Shoal Creek, one of two primary waterways traveling through Austin to the Colorado River, Belmont Park consists of two weathered Douglas fir clad buildings which rise above the creek from a flush limestone plinth. Designed by Tim Cuppett architects, the wooden buildings are connected by a transparent living room bridge which spans a cavern carved into the limestone plinth. From the motor court, one chooses to enter the house across an elevated walk-way to the front door or descend by stair into the stone cavern to a covered porch and private entry below.
Interior spaces echo the simplicity of the house, scaled for intimate family gatherings and focused into the tree canopy which shades the site.  Interior finishes consist of a continuation of Douglas fir, distinguished from the weathered exterior by a lye finish, juxtaposed against blackened steel, hand-made ceramic tiles, and spare inserts of marble and brass.
The crisp geometry of the house stripped of ornament, made of weathered natural exterior materials, and similar but finer interior finish reflects a marriage of the Owner’s tastes; his affection for a rustic ranch-like aesthetic and her affinity for a more polished, refined language.

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