Pavilion house – Ibiza

Ca l’Amo is a located at the north end of the San Mateo plain on the island of Ibiza making the ideal place to self isolate, surrounded by stone walls and terrain that make up countryside of Ibiza. What was once agricultural land has now been reclaimed by forest.
Designed by Maria Castello Martínez, the project aim was to take advantage of the last of the terraces, between two existing dry stone walls and on the border between the rugged part of the plot and a flat and low area to the south west. This pre-existence in the territory has conditioned the disposition of the functional program and the adjacent free spaces, concentrating the intervention on it and leaving the rest in its natural state, unaltered.

The house has been organized in five clearly differentiated pavilions, generating between them spaces of relation, services, visual connection with the outside and ventilation. The first three house the a large family zones with an intense social activity. The fourth pavilion is intended to create shade, while the fifth houses an annex with independent access for guests. Between the fourth and fifth pavilion is the pool and the main leisure and relationship area. The length of the five pavilion is conditioned by the depth of the terrace on which the dwelling sits, which helps to integrate the intervention into the landscape.

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