2020 Dulux Colour Awards finalists – exterior and students

Our final installment – part 4 coverage showcasing some of the talent shortlisted for the 2020 Dulux Colour Awards. Categories are:  Single Residential Exterior – Commercial and Multi Residential Exterior – Student (Years 1 – 6)
The iconic awards program, now in its 34th year, recognises Australian and New Zealand design practitioners who are using colour as the hero and a strategic feature in innovative design.
“Architects and designers have set a new precedent with this year’s awards program submissions,” says Andrea Lucena- Orr, Dulux Colour Planning and Communications Manager. “They have exhibited original and masterful use of both colour and texture in their design approach, creating sophisticated interior and exterior spaces.
“There has been a shift away from cooler whites and neutrals which have previously dominated both residential and commercial interiors, with rich brown-based hues, such as soft terracotta, beiges, earthy greens and warm greys coming to the fore.
“We have seen the emergence of textures, such as concrete effects, patinas, French Wash and Suede Effects in both commercial and residential spaces. Repetition of these textures paired with unexpected tones was apparent, such as yellow, red and coral in the form of accent walls, cabinetry, doors, skylights and trims; not to mention the use of murals and graffiti walls in commercial settings to promote creativity and clever ways to minimise paint wastage. Winners of the 34th Dulux Colour Awards will be announced in the coming months. Please click 34th Dulux Colour Awards to view all finalists.

Single Residential Exterior
This category includes the exterior paint finishes of any building used as a single private residence.

Sibling architects

Vokes and Peters

Vokes and Peters

Partner in Creativity

Pac Studio

Studio Gorman

Alexandra Kidd Design

Commercial and Multi Residential Exterior
This category includes the exterior paint finishes of any commercial, industrial, education facility or multi-residential apartment building.

Rohan Collett Architects

Searle x Waldron Architecture

Student (Years 1 – 6)
This category includes paint specification by architecture or interior design students who are currently attending, or have completed within the past 12 months, a course at a recognised University or College.

Michael Ren

Ying Ho Shiu

Jade Crowther

Kaitlin Gordon

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