Shade House – Bangkok

Living amidst the rapid growth of urban population and high rises in Bangkok, a critical question is raised by Ayutt and Associates design was : how can we adjust ourselves to live peacefully and privately in this speedily changed environment?
In doing so, how can we avoid losing contact with the amenities that mega-city provides us and accessibility to the green space?
Ayutt and Associates design proposed an alternative design solution to mitigate this urban-dwelling issue by crafting the Shade House, a self-sustainable residence, implanted with an individual natural ecosystem.
In the beginning, the Shade House, owned by a nature-loving couple, was planned to be a two-story private residence which would have occupied more land. However, with a plan to create the least footprint as possible, the house was converted to a three-story home. This new strategy helped to increase the green-area square meters to be 60% greater, which is twice the minimum requirement of green-area regulations in Bangkok.
Together with adding pocket gardens at every corner of the house and a green roof, the overall green space of this house is boosted to 90%. By the time the vegetation has fully grown and covers all the house’s elevations, the green area will be as much as 150% larger than its initial site. Consequently, it will meet an original intention of both the house’s owners and the architects—to maximize the senses of natural scene perception on site—by establishing a life-long communication between the dwellers and the surrounding nature, resulting the growing shade of the house.

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