Enrich the canvas – Milan

Materiality, texture, colour are the key points in the contemporary Mediterranean restaurant Porta Genova, located in Milan Italy. Recently been revamped by Italian designer Cristina Celestino and named after the number of seats it accommodates, the restaurant was established in 2013 as an intimate spot to experience the cooking of Chef Marco Ambrosino whose avant-garde dishes draw from the traditional cuisine of Campania.
Celestino’s design of unfired earth-toned plaster and terracotta boiserie on the walls perfectly complement the exposed timber beams on the ceiling and the preserved crumbling brick wall that dissects the space. Wooden surfaces further enrich the canvas of natural materials, with perforated white tiles and pleated-steel pendant lamps adding to the textural palette. A series of powder-blue details, from ceiling rafters to cupboards to the metallic legs of the dining tables, add splashes of colour, while the micro-mosaic terracotta cladding and smooth rounded corners found in free-standing shelving units add to the sense of refinement and craftsmanship. Featuring the haunting work of photographer Filippo Romano that documents the desolate urban landscapes of the Italian south, the new interiors of 28 Posti will be welcoming guests once we all come out of isolation.

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