creating moods & stirring efficiency – Melbourne

After securing an entire level of a desirable Melbourne CBD location, Armitage Jones approached Bergman & Co to create the ultimate office environment that both supported their staff and reflected their creative, hardworking brand and philosophy, “that great buildings and places are the key to connecting people and building a healthy community”.
A custom bespoke, solution was required and Bergman & Co we are in a unique position to create a distinctive super hybrid of hospitality and work space design. The sudio understood the essential elements required to create spaces that are as highly functional as they are beautiful. The project aim was to create specific moods; stirring efficiency where required, or alternatively, spaces to encourage rejuvenation and inspiration, and everything in between.
This was all achieved through zoning via use of colour, hard-wearing joinery and a healthy layering of beautiful finishes. The tonal use of colour worked to create a myriad of zones that all service different tasks and require their own moods. In the main work zone, the studio selected a soft blue grey creating a distinctive ceiling, the office’s walls, floors and joinery are in the same soft hue. A spark of energy at the entrance is achieved through the contrast colour of muted burgundy applied to tables and built-in furniture.
Splashes of gold are added to the mix, with two separate meeting pods/quiet spaces, framed with gold curtains and built-in golden joinery. Essentially open plan, with a few enclosed spaces, such as the main boardroom (with glass wall), there’s a sense of transparency throughout.
The office cares for those that inhabit it. Open shelves, dotted with plants, create an indoor-outdoor feel, as do the bicycles mounted on a wall for those who cycle to work. The team at Armitage Jones are very much into their sports, with many choosing to either cycle or jog to work. The design therefore includes showers, as well as bathrooms, change areas, a hydration station and even a washing machine and drying cupboard for their exercise gear.
Unlike many office fit-outs, where a communal kitchen is back of house and out of sight, at Armitage Jones, the kitchen is located at the core of the space. Here the fusion of hospitality and workplace merge perfectly, to align with the way staff collaborate on a daily basis.

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