Visual transparency and beauty

The Modular Unit (MU50) is a small-scale, modular off-grid home, designed to be recyclable and adaptable to a wide variety of sites. Through its simplicity, flexibility, and choice of materials, this structure is intended to bring beauty to the users’ daily lives; to allow them to incorporate it in their daily landscape and to connect with the surrounding nature reducing at most its carbon footprint.
Designed by Teke Architects the structural frames and the enclosure define the shell of the project, while its interior core consists of a separately constructed service pod with amenities and storage space.
Glazing on all sides of the building allows visual transparency and creates a sense of openness and continuity between the interior and the surrounding landscape. The exterior decks, protected at different times of the day by manually operated timber shades, offer a variety of micro-climatic outdoor experiences generated by the sun and wind conditions that change as one moves around the unit.
A simple, open plan allows natural lighting and facilitates cross ventilation. The transparent surfaces designed to receive maximum daylight into the interior spaces minimize the necessity for artificial lighting. The high-pitched gable roof houses the photovoltaic panels to produce electricity and solar panels to heat water. Ground source heat pump and underfloor heating constitute an efficient system that makes use of minimal energy.
A simple act of repeating and combining a small number of relatively simple building elements has produce a wide variety of spaces fit for different uses – from a small meditation room to a dwelling.

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