Reinventing the postal experience – Helsinki

Situated at the heart of Helsinki, Box by Posti, the Finnish postal service, is a self-service store for online shopping customers designed by studio Fyra where locals can retrieve their packages. The project was commissioned by Posti which wanted to set up a delivery space for online purchases that was “more than just a row of parcel lockers”.
“The consumer behavior of the Finnish people has changed significantly,” said Kaisa Ilola, Posti’s head of customer experience and channels. “Before, there was a piece missing between the online store and home. Box was created to fill in the missing piece.”
The space also needed to look interesting to draw attention when looking in from the street. Consulting company Motley approached the project from the point of view of creating a service concept, while Fyra concentrates on interior architecture and functionality. The outcome is a harmonious space where the parcel lockers act as a backdrop giving room for the customers to try on their purchases, perhaps make returns and send packages.
Special attention has been paid to the recycling of packaging materials. The space was to be functional as well as intuitive for the user. With different colours assigned to different areas of activity, the customer instinctively follows a path finding their way around the facility.
In the front section, there is an area called Spotlight which can be used by online companies do present their products to consumers. Near the entrance is also an area with staff ready to help, plus a customer chill out zone. Additionally, in the basement there is a white room with rows of seating and a presentation screen which Posti can use for company events.

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