Sydney Art House

Tasked with transforming a magnificent historic house located in Woollahra, one of Sydney Australia’s inner city suburbs, the two-storey house contained a treasure trove of beautiful period features. Claire Driscoll Delmar, creative director of Australian interior design practice Studio CD, approached the challenge to create a contemporary expressive 5 bedroom city home for the young family that reflected their passion for art, travel and fashion.
From the formal wainscoting and parquet flooring, to the ornate ceiling cornices and roses, to the sculpted marble mantelpieces and the arched openings, the refurbished décor not only speaks of the building’s history but also reflects the clients’ love of European architecture.
Swathed in a muted palette of white, and light and dark greys, the refurbished building fabric was transformed into an austere canvas upon which the designer has unleased her creativity by adding playful touches of vibrant colour, sumptuous textures and playful forms that imbue the spaces with a sense of whimsy as much as elegance.
A series of bespoke furniture by Sydney designer Jonathan West, such as the hallway sideboard, kitchen stools, and bedroom headboard and bedside tables, are inter-weaved with contemporary and modernist pieces, and a selection of artworks that “bring a sense of fun and lightness to the house”, as Claire says, softening its masculine grandeur.
Every room has been meticulously curated, harmoniously balancing old with new features, muted tones with colourful accents and polished surfaces with soft textures, as part of an interplay between the masculine and the feminine psyche. The result is a house of exemplary refinement and youthful spirit that is simultaneously calming and inspiring.

Photos by Anson Smart

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