Eucalyptus House

Pipa House could easily feel at home in Australia, as it does in Brazil, given its chilled design and main building product is eucalyptus trees. Developed as a prototype by Bernardes Architects, in partnership with a construction company and a couple of entrepreneurs, who wanted to design a house that could be replicated and sold to other clients, generating a fast work experience, with guaranteed deadlines, energy efficiency and technological control. The house was designed for building efficiency through an industrialized system that allowed its rapid execution and very low waste production.
Its structural system in glued laminated timber from eucalyptus trees makes the house adaptable to different sites, allowing its reproduction in numerous variations. The frame system, also in glued laminated wood, guarantees stability to the structural profiles.
The house is lifted off the ground to ensure water tightness and ventilation for the floor slab and to conceal facilities.
The external walls in prefabricated concrete panels, with a ventilated facade system, guarantee good thermal response and zero maintenance, due to the need of no retouching to the painting layer. The house was designed for good thermal insulation requiring low to zero maintenance.
The team developed a product with high-quality materials and environmentally friendly technology, combining affordability and contemporary design.

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