Following emotion – Mykonos

Set in Mykonos and blessed with unobstructed views of the sun setting over the island of Delos in the Aegean Sea, Athens-based architecture practice K-Studio took a different approach to design by building a house where “form follows emotion rather than function”. A house that unfolds around an outdoors living area that can be used throughout the day in the true spirit of laid-back summer living. At the same time, the use of traditional materials such as lime-wash, stone and wood in combination with an aesthetic of Scandinavian minimalism evokes the island’s heritage through a modern lens.

Hidden entirely from the road, the house was designed to have a minimal impact on the natural landscape enabled through two small whitewashed volumes connected by a chestnut pergola sitting atop a podium built into the hillside with stones dug from the site. Shaded by the large pergola, the outdoors living area at the heart of the house is flanked by the living room and kitchen volumes whose large openings create a seamless transition between inside and outside. A few steps away, the pool beckons, while the landscaped gardens with the sea looming beyond stretch out below.

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