White Diamond House – Mexico

In the affluent neighbourhood of Bosques de las Lomas in Mexico City, architecture firm Taller Aragones has designed a spacious, all-white Modernist home Rombo IV. Characterized by its impressive geometric forms and open plan layout, Rombo, meaning rhombus in English, refers to the diamond-shaped design of the house. As its name implies, ‘Rombo IV’ is the fourth in a series of similar private properties, designed by Miguel Angel Aragones.
Its asymmetric floor plan is defined by a series of angular shapes and volumes: walls with cut-outs, pillars, and double-height glass windows all frame the three storey residence. On the ground floor, communal spaces merge around a long, catwalk-inspired selection pond; its reflective surface bouncing light and shadow throughout the space.
On the first floor, the master bedroom cantilevers out over the triangular-shaped courtyard, where sphere-shaped sculptures are dotted across the pavement.
Its night-time transformation: of colored neon lights illuminate the property in a manner reminiscent of James Turrell’s immersive artworks. The changing colour schemes—blues, oranges, pinks, and reds impart a change in ambience depending on the mood of the room.

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