Casa La Vida – Mexico

A stone wall and lush greenery conceal Casa La Vida from the road and reveal the dry palm roof known as a palapa. They are commonly used in the region because they provide shelter, allow for natural ventilation and reduce solar absorption. In Casa La Vida, the palapa separates the residence’s two volumes. One structure houses the open kitchen and dining room while a large bedroom occupies the opposite end. 

On the second storey, there are two other bedroom suites, each with an adjoining porch, under the thatched roof is the main living area and an additional dining area, which opens up to the backyard overlooking the pool and nearby beach, sounds like a tough life. Designed by Zozaya Architects Palm-wood beams span the ceiling and local stones cover the wall of the partially enclosed space. The assorted rocks were taken from nearby rivers and also are used to form part of the exterior and the edging around the swimming pool. Several cutouts arranged along the walls of the ground floor form windows that direct light and a cooling breeze into the shaded interiors.

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