Writers retreat – Brazil

Built to be a writers retreat set in the middle of nature in Petrópolis, Brazil the building was designed under the symbolic meaning of a cave. The symbolism of the cave suggests shelter, self-knowledge, return to basics, reflection, pregnancy, growth, freedom through thought of ancient mythologies.
Designed by Architectare, the shape of the construction was defined by the small 43m2 buildable area on the lot.This configuration sparks a cozy and protected interior, allowing, at the same time, a great connection with nature.
Through the large window one can clearly admire, in several scales, the passage of time, from the hours, to the seasons of the year. Once the writer is in it, he is cozy and protected. He has everything he needs, as in a womb. He is secure enough to get in touch with all his most inner thoughts, demons and illusions, so when he gets out of it, he feels fresh and full of new ideas. Built with a steel frame and clad with stones found on the lot, the volume houses a bedroom, a bathroom and a small pantry.

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