Connection to nature – Chile

The container house transforms into an elemental space, adding versatility, flexibility and connection to nature. Located in La Compania, Chile. The house can be used as a home or a multi-purpose space. The two containers are connected by a large roof, which creates an open space allowing the house to extend and transform during  the day into an artistic workshop or architectural office, while at other times into a yoga room or crossfit box.
Designed by Plannea Arquitectura + Constanza DomÍnguez C, it is a place that invites you to live more simply, freely, a direct relationship with nature is established due to its close contact to the outside world. The living space has large windows that connect the interior  with the outside surroundings, giving the feeling of expansion.
The project has a very low environmental impact, considering that the materials are repurposed from shipping containers and fruit pallets for furniture. The main advantages of this system are recycling, construction speed, cost reduction and material optimization.
The timber cladding adds warmth and harmony, creating a vital contrast with the coldness of the metal. It works as a well-ventilated façade as it is separated from the metallic cladding and has an airy space at both its ends. It acts as a completion to the intermediate space, providing a cozy and intimate touch, integrating the landscape with the construction.

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