Multi purpose garage – Toronto

The Garage Gem is an innovative extension that stemmed from the desire to transform the traditional urban garage into a flexible amenity space. Located in Toronto, Canada, this small structure re-imagines the detached laneway garage and makes it into a true extension of the home, as well as an open event space to forge community bonds.
Designed by Office Ou, the ‘Garage Gem’ strikes a balance between precious and utilitarian to support a wide range of uses: it is a functioning garage, a conservatory, occasional workshop, a three-season space for entertaining guests, dining, movie screenings, writing, and simply enjoying the quiet seclusion of the leafy rear yard.
Thanks to its large glazed conservatory doors, the garage gem can seamlessly connect to the diverse spaces around it: the laneway, connecting it to the neighbourhood, the backyard, connecting it to the home, and finally a small side garden for intimate gatherings.

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