Disconnection House – Paris Texas

Boar Shoat House longed for a place where the family could distance themselves from social stresses, withdraw digital connection, and commune with nature and each other. Intended as a crash pad and base camp, three small structures gather under an open air pavilion, encapsulating the client’s main concept for the project – a spartan shelter within the Bear River range of Paris, Texas US.
Designed by Imbue Design, central to the project is a large outdoor living space under an expansive canopy that protects it from the weather. With no utility connections for miles, the self-sustaining retreat is designed with energy in mind. Using passive solar strategies, the windows are positioned to harness free energy from the sun during the winter, and roof overhangs have been calculated for cool summer shading. Electricity and heat are provided by a photovoltaic array atop the canopy with supplemental battery storage and back-up generator.
The interior is simple, complimenting the exterior experience by visually bringing views and vegetation inside through expansive floor to ceiling windows. Clean white walls act as a gallery for an extensive art collection. Natural wood ceilings warm and soften the space from above. Intentionally untreated concrete floors offer a durable, worry-free surface that embraces the patina of life and over time recounts a living record of time well spent.

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