Jungle art Villa – Costa Rica

Czech studios FormaFatal and Refuel Works draw inspiration from buildings by Brazilian architects Paulo Mendes da Rocha to design this concrete villa nestled into the jungle in Costa Rica.
Art Villa is part of the Art Villas resort in Playa Hermosa, an extensive property that comprises rentable houses, including a residence with aluminum perforated walls and a multifunctional pavilion. The concrete walls are deliberately left raw, complementing the interior components, selected materials, water, and greenery, all together creating an unusual environment, both rough and luxurious.
The bedrooms and bathrooms feature cement ornamental tiled floors, custom-made over the border in Nicaragua. The ever-changing patterns and colors are a reflection of the elusive and unique nature of every moment in time. Every step leads to a change.
The hand-painted watercolor jungle motif on the kitchen backsplash is another interior highlight. Serving as a mirror reflecting life behind the wall, the wall becomes a window allowing us to see the nature outside.
Teak wood, metal, and linen –dominate in the villa interiors, and together with custom made furniture pieces in secondary pastel and bright colors, truly bring the raw concrete monolithic interior to life with a touch of softness.

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