Generating intimate relationships – Costa Rica

Studio Saxe was commissioned to design a villa on the hilltops of Santiago in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. The primary objective was not only to provide occupants with a connection with its jungle surroundings but also to generate an intimate relationship with the stunning view of the shoreline which delivers a more profound appreciation of the natural environment.
The studio decided to create a large roof that would house within a series of bedrooms and living spaces that would all be turned sideways in order to face the prominent views. Interstitial spaces within the living volumes create gaps that enhance a deeper connection to the natural surroundings whilst moving about the dwelling.
Every space in the home has been angled to view the ocean, and this twist creates a geometric relationship between the roofline and the spaces that became the primary element of design that both addresses the need for large overhangs (for climate control and comfort) but also generates a literal connection between the view and every space. This white house in the jungle acts as a canvas so that morning and sunset light reflect on its surfaces creating an array of colours that vary throughout the day. The angled surfaces also allow for the reflection of shadows and the textures of nature to play within the interstitial spaces that exist between the living spaces.



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