KINK – Berlin

Located in Pfefferberg, Berlin within a former mid-19th century brewery, KINK is a unique venue where gastronomy and mixology fuse into one. Founded by Oliver Mansaray and Daniel Scheppan, whose shared passion lies at the intersection between international food and drinking cultures, KINK brings together a bar, restaurant and in-house culinary laboratory in a space that fittingly marries the building’s historic legacy and architectural heritage with contemporary art and design.
The historic building’s industrial heritage is infused with contemporary art and design, most notably in the 8-metres-high hall at the heart of KINK where the exposed, centuries-old building structure is complemented by classic and vintage furniture,
The space is dominated by Swiss artist Kerim Seiler’s imposing neon light installation suspended above the central open kitchen and bar designed by Berlin studio Hidden Fortress. Seiler’s sculptural work explores the interrelation between materiality and spirituality, engaging with space both physically and conceptually. Titled ‘Spaceknot (Pfefferberg)’, Seiler’s site-specific work consists of over 100 metres of red neon tubes that effortlessly twist and loop through the space, uncannily fleshing out the three-dimensionality of the central void.
Designed as a communal zone, the central open kitchen and bar area features overlapping seating, serving counters and work stations where guests and staff intermingle, while more intimate seating areas fan out from the main hall, including a mezzanine lounge accessed through an antique cast iron spiral staircase. A separate daylight-filled dining space overlooking Pfefferberg’s beer garden, one of the oldest in Berlin, and a private dining room complete KINK’s multifaceted character.
The open kitchen and bar area embodies KINK’s heart, adjacent the “laboratory” represents its creative mind. Reflecting Mansaray and Scheppan’s experimental and synergetic approach to gastronomy and mixology, the space functions as an open workshop where modern techniques and culinary expertise come together.

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