Little guest house – Spain

Nordest Arquitectura were assigned project to design a guest pavilion as an extension of the main house overlooking the ocean and forest.
The studio’s first thought was to create a shape clear and simple, a cuboid placed in the middle of the forest, changing as less as possible the surrounding characteristics, as if it had always been there.
The pavilion is defined by a U materialised in corten steel with a slat facade that creates a retreat inside, a place to chill and contemplate. The entrance is on the ground floor. It’s like a bunker entrance / kind of a sculptural void inside the ground you enter the precast concrete void which leads upstairs through into the pavilion.
The interior is conceived as one space: living- bedroom and bathroom. The east, south, and west façade are totally glazed, with solar protection made of corten steel sliding lattice. The north façade has more controlled openings that illuminate the bathroom and the entrance staircase.

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