Mexico in New York

The owners of the apartment are a young couple that completely entrusted Reutov Design with the design and concept. They liked the studios non-standard approach to design. Having taken this project, the studio decided to create a bold project that would give the couple the opportunity to take a break from the noisy New York city metropolis. Light, gentle and slightly heady, terracotta-pink walls add a blush base to the entire design. The abundance of rich natural green shades counteract the blush creating a truly unique interior, inspired by the colours of nature, and Mexico.
The traditional architectural elements of Mexico with its bright colours, convey the feeling of the southern sun and natural shades. Inspired by cactus plants, the studio re-imagined the habitat, shapes and colours which are located in in the most unpredictable places. The overarching design works skillfully with textures, colours and shapes.

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