Casa Palerm – Lloret de Vistalegre

Casa Palerm is as an extension of a rural hotel in the countryside of Lloret de Vistalegre, in the centre of Mallorca. It is a new independent building, close to the original farmhouse which functions as a small holiday home. The project is discreet, being integrated within its surrounding environment and performing efficiently, both economically and energetically.
The building is one level with a compact and elongated with a pitched roof, appearing to have been there for many years. Designed by OHLAB, the width is kept to six meters in order to use low-cost beams and structure with no columns. The layout, parallel to the slope of the terrain, allows all the rooms to enjoy views of the countryside and the Tramontana mountains towards the north and take advantage of the south sun. This arrangement also favours cross ventilation, natural lighting and the thermo-regulation of the house.
On the ceiling, a wattle pergola crosses the hollow space and expands on both sides allowing the terraces to be protected from the summer sun whist the wattle filters the light – creating a Mediterranean play of lights and shadows. The windows of this space can be completely hidden in the walls of the façade, so that the living-dining room becomes an external porch and invades the north and south terraces depending on season.

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