Playful workplace sensibility – London

As per the client’s request, a series of individual work spaces occupy two floors of an 18th century industrial warehouse in central London, UK with only a small proportion of open plan studio space, while the third floor houses a flexible lounge and meeting rooms. Despite the cellular configuration, all floors feel bright and airy courtesy of sliding and folding glass partitions that allow for flexibility and daylight penetration. Wipe-able glass panels, pin-able surfaces and an abundance of shelving and storage throughout the workspaces ensure for comfort and usability, while spacious communal kitchens enhance the sense of home comfort and encourage social interaction.
Inspired by the feminine sensibility of 1950s kitchens, Hollywood glamour and Californian club houses, Daytrip Studio has imbued the premises with a nostalgic elegance that nevertheless feels modern, partly due to an eclectic approach to furniture selection, and partly due to a daring use of contrasting colours and materials.
Lo-fi, industrial materials like plywood, pigmented MDF and passivated zinc are mixed with more luxurious finishes such as high gloss lacquer, deep velvets and plush carpets in lipstick red and acid yellow, while exposed brickwork, Crittall windows, visible piping, light tracks and air ducts are juxtaposed with polished parquet flooring and elegant wave curtains.
The Studio’s playful sensibility and eclectic gusto is also evident in the vibrant selection of furniture that brings together mid-century icons, vintage finds from the 1970s and classic fabrics from the 1920s which have been used to upholster contemporary meeting room furniture. The result is a cinematic ambience of nostalgic undertones and laid-back sophistication.

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