Health conscious Sorano Hotel

SORANO HOTEL is one of main facilities in new-born urban development in Tachikawa city, 30 minutes away from Shinjuku, Tokyo based on the concept of “Wellbeing”. Offering health conscious activities, located in the area of renown National Park, the luscious views are captured throughout the hotel interior.
Designed by Curiosity architects, the ambiance of the lobby changes dramatically during the night with a warm atmosphere, the lighting shines through the louvers in a play of light and shadows. The “IMA LOUNGE” welcomes the visitor to a relaxing atmosphere in an intimate space around the counter.
Directly in front of lush Showa Kinen Park, all 81guest rooms boast park views and wide balconies with 52sqm space.
The rooms mini bar and other amenities are composed into a sculptural furniture with small openings where amenities can be discovered. The Spa Suite with 86 square meters includes a spa treatment for the guests. The bedroom and living room is divided by a large sliding door with impressive washi screen with a landscape motif, reminiscent of Japanese shoji in modern style.
10th and 11th floors offer well-being experiences; gym, indoor spa and infinity pool with breath-taking views uniting guests with sky and surrounding terrain. The Hot Bathing Facility/Indoor Spa features SORANO HOTEL’s own hot spring water pumped up from this area. In addition to 20-meter-long spa largely open to the outside garden, the visitor can also immerse himself in the whirlpool Jacuzzi spa and Nano-mist Sauna.
The most iconic feature of SORANO HOTEL is the 4 meters wide and extending an impressive 60 meters long Infinity Pool. It appears as you climb the stairs from the 10th floor through the pool itself, the view suddenly opens up before your eyes. The guests feel united with nature as they look upon the greenery and cityscape that spread into the distance and see Mt.Fuji in the scenery.

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