MPAVILION: chronicles the first six years

The Naomi Milgrom Foundation and Thames & Hudson have released MPAVILION: ENCOUNTERS WITH DESIGN AND ARCHITECTURE. The first publication on the MPavilion project which chronicles the first six remarkable years of this landmark Melbourne architecture commission. A celebration of what MPavilion has collectively achieved, this volume captures the groundbreaking contributions of each of the MPavilion architects from 2014 to 2019; Sean Godsell, Amanda Levete, Bijoy Jain, Rem Koolhaas, David Gianotten, Carme Pinós, and Glenn Murcutt,and celebrates the hundreds of collaborators who have made MPavilion a local Melbourne and global design icon. Commenting on the MPavilion concept:

‘Even with the most modest of architecture projects, you are changing the world.’—Rem Koolhaas, Founder, OMA‘ Architecture is a service to society; it changes people’s lives and makes society possible. That’s why I liked Naomi Milgrom’s MPavilionproject—it’s social, and it’s for the citizens to use. We need to find a new language and that time has come. It’s time for free and flexible architecture.’ —Carme Pinós, Founder, Estudio Carme Pinós
Exploring how each architect addressed the design of MPavilion, the book reflects a growing and much needed broader conversation about design today, and investigates the critical use of pavilions, parks, and public spaces in creating healthier cities and communities.‘ MPAVILION: ENCOUNTERS WITH DESIGN AND ARCHITECTURE is available through Thames & Hudson AU

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