A balanced relationship – Portugal

Combining the architecture of the 1950s with the comfort, spaciousness and luminosity of contemporary spaces, this three-story house in Restelo, Portugal, has undergone a profound transformation by Joao Tiago Aguiar Architects.
Space, light, functionality and wellbeing spearheaded the ambitious project to renew the 70-year-old villa, transforming it into a luxurious house with spectacular views over the Tagus river.
From an architectural perspective, a total renovation of its exterior has been undertaken, starting from simplifying the façade openings and the transformation of the sill windows into French windows, the house exterior improvements have gone much further and are presented in a visually consistent and restful language.
Handmade three-dimensional green tiles cover the swimming pool area, barbecue, garage/laundry, and toilet. By concealing those volumes the studio was able to provide a balanced relationship with the natural green environment. In the same way, the existing extension of the house at the lower level was covered in the same material, unifying the project.
The house had too many rooms, so the studio’s approach was to create a natural and versatile social area, by placing wide sliding doors between the living room, and the dining room in order to interconnect such areas.The harmonic personality of the house is highlighted in the interior staircase coating, where the same three-dimensional handmade tile used outside emerges once more although this time in white.

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