Arthur Casas reworks a Brownstone – NY

New York Brownstone’s are much loved and revered terraces houses lined up on long and narrow parcels of land. This Brownstone House renovation and refurbishment by Studio Arthur Casas seeks to respect the historical character and offer a practical, contemporary and technological solution for an extensive program distributed over its six floors. Yes, that’s right, I said six!
The second floor is dedicated to social areas – such as the bar, dinner room and living room for the visits. As it was not possible to modify the historical frontal facade, this floor slab was retracted in the back facade in order to offer more space and a new and wide window, connecting first and second floor. To guarantee an intimate space to the family a couple with 2 kids, the bedrooms, Gym, TV Room, Outdoor fireplace lounge were placed within the three upper floors.

The Decor has neutral shades contrasting to the dark facade. The oak flooring of the upper levels brings softness, while Limestone in warm shades and fabrics and furniture in earthy tones make a subtle reference to the Middle East natural colours, the owner’s homeland. The clients asked for a closed carpentry, with clean lines and few decorative objects, valuing a minimalist aspect. The interest in Brazilian identity is noticed by a selection of several furniture – many of them designed by Arthur Casas – and works of art.
The project’s highlight is the indoor pool, placed in the underground basement floor. The natural lighting, guaranteed by a skylight adds to the ambience. To complement the lighting, lighting coves and linear built-in lights enhances the geometric design of the wooden bench, a strategy replicated throughout the residence.

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