Wearable inflatable lilo

Spanish artist SiiGii grew up on the beach in Spain, but at age 11 she developed an allergy to the sun. Suddenly she had to start protecting herself from nature which was in conflict with something considered so beautiful, nourishing and relaxing. Ever since she has been developing systems of protection that could bring her joy at the beach, which let her to design and create a wearable, inflatable lilo from latex that enables her to float in the summer without aggravating her allergy to the sun.
The blow-up bathing suit, titled Floating Above Limits, is part of SiiGii’s wider collection S.A.D: Sun Allergy Diaries, which includes three designs that aim to find ways of overcoming the artist’s rare condition.
Made of latex, the all-in-one bathing suit wraps around the head like a swimming cap to ensure maximum coverage, and features two inflatable areas behind the head and around the body in the shape of a pool float. When the suit is inflated, the wearer can float on water, bathing in the sun – something they would otherwise be unable to do due to their allergy.
The blow-up suit is made from latex sheeting that is punctuated with three Boston valves to allow the wearer to inflate and deflate themselves when required.
The all-white design is broken up by the shape of a black bathing suit, which wraps around the body. According to the artist, this element “frames the body” within its bulbous structure.

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