Freedom of movement – Brazil

“Casa Joy” is a project developed by Rodrigo Ferreira, a young architect from central Brazil, deeply connected to the integration of nature and design and to then use of light. This modern concrete, glass and timber villa was built for an unconventional, cultured active lady on her mid 70s and her family, to serve as a retreat and a gathering point for all of them. It is located in an exclusive gated community on the outskirts of Goiania Brazil full of valleys and rich native vegetation.
The main concerns of the architect were, in addition to accessibility, the creation of of large voids to facilitate freedom of movement and allow all environments to be fluid, integrated into the natural external vegetation. With a steep slope, the terrain was divided into three zones.
The house has organic and smooth lines, with a striking feature as a concave roof that rests on six vaults interconnected by a massive concrete slab of variable thickness. The roof’s curves were built thinking of a bird’s flight. In the arches gallery, where the living room, kitchen and balcony are located, the ceiling height is double and the lighting lit from the floor draws attention by creating shadows and playfulness.

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