Up-close and personal with Yosi Tal

Over coming months Design Addicts Platform will be getting up-close and personal with key design community innovators; from designers, suppliers and artisans. Today we dive into the personal and work life of Yosi Tal, co founder and director of iconic “Designer Rugs,” which champions collaboration, innovation and creates rugs that stand the test of time.

You are the main driver of Designer Rugs. How would you describe, who are you and what do you do? I’m the Managing Director and founding partner of Designer Rugs. I lead our team of talented designers and rug experts, and keep our company busy creating beautiful rugs for unique spaces all over the world!

After so many years in the industry, what inspires you to continue to evolve? 
The challenge of remaining a market leader – Designer Rugs has been in business for over 30 years, and we are driven to continue being an impactful and innovative contributor to the Australian design community.

What’s integral to the work of Designer Rugs? Its people! The customers we deal with everyday who support us, the incredible artisans who create our rugs, and our talented Designer Rugs team.

In your opinion what role do interior designers and decorators have in society? They play a very important role – their creativity and ability makes the world a better, happier and more productive one to live in.

What has been a groundbreaking experience for you and Designer Rugs? The fact that we started the business from nothing and allowed nothing to stop us from making it a success. One of our biggest moments as a young company was being commissioned by St Patrick’s Cathedral, Melbourne to create a custom made rug for Pope John Paul II’s Australian visit – and the rest is history!

How has Designer Rugs changed over time? We have maintained the same core values from the first day we started – to be unique and bring our customers joy with our rugs.

You work in a very creative sector. What creative art do you most identify with? Painting – it allows great flexibility in expressing ones creativity

What is the most enjoyable part of your role? When a customer is thrilled to see their new rug, it’s a great feeling! We really love to see a satisfied customer

What do you pursue outside of Designer Rugs? Politics, Community Service and Philanthropy

Akira Isogawa & Yosi Tal

What memorable responses have you had to Designer Rugs work? Too many to list!

How do you define success? Getting up in the morning, happy with what you have in life, surrounded by family and friends and helping those less fortunate.

How does Designer Rugs support the design industry? Our rug design competition Evolve is one of our favourite projects, as it educates interior designers on creating their own designs (not to mention a much sought after trip to Milan!). We also have similar programs for UNSW students to develop their rug design skills, and give them an insight into the world of commercial design. We are passionate about supporting not only Australian interior designers and architects, but also our talented fashion designs, industrial designers, and artists. Our rug collaborations support Australia’s best design talent through our royalites, and has resulted in some of our most successful designs.

What do you sometimes find challenging running Designer Rugs? People

Name something you love, and why. During all the turmoil created by Covid, I’ve realised how much I love Australia – it’s one of the most wonderful places on earth, and we’ve all come together as a nation in this difficult time. Very inspiring!

Name something you don’t love, and why. People who lack the empathy to help others, especially when they have the means!

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given? Give till it hurts, only then you are truly giving

What wouldn’t you do without? My family

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