Characterised by the landscape – Chile

Located in a native forest, at the basin of Llanquihue lake, in the south of Chile. The plot is characterised by its natural landscape, lush vegetation and cold, rainy weather. Duarte Fournies architects referenced the traditional typology of sheds of this region of Chile, which form part of the identity of the dwelling. These buildings are recognised by their elemental geometry which contrasts with the nature and relates to it through proportions and textures. The project rescues the richness of this construction and its structural systems, in order to create the language of the building.
Heat-treated pine paneling, patagonian larch tiles and squared timber structures are natural materials that show the trace of time and the surrounding terrain. The landscape is recognised as the protagonist of the home dictating a limited range of colours and building materials to align with nature.
The projected structure defines the space of the common area and access is via a covered exterior terrace which transitions into the double-height common space of the house that hosts the living room, dining room and kitchen on the first floor, and a lounge on the second floor. The main bedrooms and the public area are oriented to the north in order to take advantage of sunlight and views. Wet areas, kitchens and bathrooms are grouped in the south of the house, related to the dense forest.

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