Abandoned Renaissance – Spain

Garmendia Cordero architects believe that any change in the use of a space requires a series of actions that adapt such place to the new needs, that are presented beyond the implicit ones that entails the updating of it. On this occasion, the task of transformation was as transforming an abandoned Renaissance church into a home. Throughout the process, three concepts constituted the road map for the studio: the history, the client and the project understood as a prologue.
The intervention was carried out on a small church built during the second half of the 16th century and which underwent an important remodelling in neoclassical terms at the end of the 18th century, increasing its height and adding, among other things, a belfry and a water. At the start of the project, the building was without cover, collapsed in its own interior and in a worrying state of structural instability.
Located in the neighbuorhood of Las Barrietas, Spain and surrounded by a dozen isolated buildings, occupies a privileged position within a site surrounded by mountains with lush vegetation.
The idea of intervening in the most sensitive way possible was prioritised at all times, touching the church only when there was no other alternative, understanding.
The studio and client respected what was already there, leaving visible what is generated in the present, voluntarily and consciously facing the history of the previous building, without touching or making up the scars that show their travel almost as directly as a story would.

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