Island home – Stockholm

Located on a privately owned island off Dalaro, in the southern archipelago of Stockholm, the villa conceived by Stockholm-based firm Jordens Architects and clearly inspired by the 1950’s Farnsworth House. Villa Kymmendo stands out amidst rocks and pines on a privileged location. Glass envelops the entire structure with windows stretching around the entire 36 meter property, offering stunning views onto the lagoon and further enhancing the villa’s connectivity to the outside. Thanks to its pillar construction, the structure appears to float above the terrain; around it runs a porch with several patios.

A smaller guest house, similar in style, lies at a lower level, closer to the dramatic seafront. Built for social gathering, the villa features an open plan living area with a living room, dining area, and kitchen with a fireplace. A five-bedroom covered core provides retreat, while a laundry room, a technical room, a storage room, and a large family room occupy the more private basement floor. The studio used only a selected number of materials throughout the house—glass, Gotland limestone, Oregon pine, and twig-free American pine. The materials have been given different treatments, which gives the villa a subtle variation.

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