Vast natural environment – Mexico

Rancho Avandaro House is a meticulously detailed property located on the outskirts of Valle de Bravo, Mexico. A restful villa to enjoy its vast natural environment. The use of materials from the region allows it to be fully integrated into nature is the most elegant and robust way. Designed by Chain + Siman + Modo Manera, the project takes up the concept of Mexican haciendas: solid volumes, interior patios, gardens, and, instead of a fountain, a jacuzzi.
The architectural program is divided into three volumes and an annex, all built of yellow stone from a nearby mine. The exterior structure was clad with it and the internal part was joined with grey joints to isolate the walls as much as possible. Each volume is contained by stone walls on its longest side, the shortest sides are windows that create the connection with the landscape. The roofs are gabled and have a steel structure and wooden beams, which support the tiles and the volumes have a different height since they respond to specific needs.
The interior design is supported by the lighting, the finishes, and the vegetation of the place. Inside, the stone preserves its natural essence and is complemented by elements of black ironwork, wood in different shades in the lofts, furniture and dividing walls, and concrete in floors, kitchen, and bathrooms. The house is a cosy, comfortable, and warm space that creates a dialogue between classic elements of the haciendas and contemporary solutions. There is a balance between luxury, aesthetics, and functionality.


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