Modernist sensibility – Tel Aviv

This 1930s meticulously renovated apartment in the heart of Tel Aviv tackles both issues the preservation of the Bauhaus-style apartment and modernisation. Having to deal with a compact size in addition to its neglected state and awkward configuration, local practice WE Architects boldly rejigged the space into a contemporary apartment of effortless sophistication without most crucially effacing its modernist sensibility and nostalgic charm.
The apartment’s original layout comprised of two equally sized rooms linked by a common balcony, a tiny, windowless kitchen, and a small, bathroom with a separate toilet. Led by the Studio’s founder Efrat Weinreb, the team radically re-configured the space, creating a compact but open plan living, dining and kitchen area by incorporating the entrance hallway and parts of the front balcony, expanding the bathroom by appropriating a small balcony onto the back of the building, and turning the blind kitchen into a study room, complete with internal windows introducing natural lighting. The radical redesign of the spatial arrangement was also then matched by major structural reinforcements including additional columns.
Underpinned by an aesthetic of contemporary minimalism and a focus on functionality, the no-fuss interior design imbues the apartment with a sense of spaciousness and comfort.

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