Interconnected family home – Vietnam

The model of nuclear family is very important in Vietnam society today. This family or four desired spaces where one can work from home while caring for their children. This encouraged NH Village Architects proposed ideas that responded to this need to be interconnected. The L House house has 3 stories where the common space is placed at the second floor. The doors of all rooms and corridors of are designed so they can be open next to each other to make it easy to move around and remain connected.
The book cabinet and furniture functions like a small library in the house allowing the adults to choose their place to work, study or read whist overseeing the children.
By installing a void at the second floor and a light-well above, the space becomes bathed in natural light and greenery. This void connects through to the 3rd floor evolving communication across all levels.The facade was designed with many oval-shape perforations that allow natural light and cross ventilation.


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