Relationship between body and mind

StudioVASE believes, the story contained in the space can be compared to the relationship between the body and the mind. No matter how high the visual completeness of the space is, if the story is simple or poor, or if it is similar to something, the user easily feels boredom and emptiness. Even though all the restaurants in the alley of Haejang-guk are disguised as original, the scenery in which they line up only in one house in the end makes the rest of them a sub-class.
Many brands have their own stories. The story is communicated to the public as an image and becomes a symbol of a mixture of positive and negative. Although the clients Ottogi has a good image of being healthy and kind, it also has an image of being conservative and tacky. Ottogi’s new image overcoming this dilemma will be shown and experienced by the 20s and 30s is a natural thing for the future as a company.
It is a project that involved and intervened in all parts from Roly-Poly cotto  naming to space planning and space design, styling and product design and graphic design. Initially, the requested space was planned as a food and beverage space selling curry and ramen sold by Ottogi but it was expanded by proposing the possibility of expansion through the use of idle spaces.
The main material of the space is red brick. Red brick has universality and persistence, and is a material that is solidly constructed by gathering small cells. About 100,000 bricks are in line with the conservative nature of bricks that do not change easily over the years and the corporate spirit that has steadily developed. The various construction methods and patterns of bricks are performances that overcome the conservatism of materials.
Also, yellow is the symbolic colour of Ottogi. Since yellow gives a completely different feeling depending on the colour, brightness, and area of use, the studio decided to devote themselves to conveying the image of colour without insisting on the symbolic colour of the brand. The materials used inside were matched with wood, fabric, and ceramic that match the main material brick. However, stainless steel was used for the rhythmic feeling of the physical properties, but it was manually ground to give a sense of time.
The garden becomes the core of the whole space, and all the spaces on the ground connect to it. Gardens bloom and fall differently from a solid brick scalpel and respond to the season. The garden, which is composed of a variety of flowering plants, was planned to achieve harmony.


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