Changing the past

The renovation of an arsenal factory located in Xialao Creek, the suburb of Yichang City, Hubei Province, China was once a military factory, it was gradually shut down and abandoned in the 1990s which now represents the opposite of its past.
The project covers an area of about 3 hectares and a construction area of about 13000 square meters. Designed by 3andwich Design and He Wei Studio, the purpose of the project is to protect and show the original appearance of the buildings and form a new use function through the transformation and reuse of the abandoned factory, so as to revive the abandoned industrial facilities and help those enter the contemporary life.
The building is divided into hotel and entertainment functions, the hotel part consists of lobby, art exhibition hall, four guest rooms and western restaurant. The supporting entertainment part consists of reception center, Chinese restaurant, book bar, Time Hall, parent-child activity center and Rimrock Tea Bar. Among them, the newly-built Rimrock Tea Bar has become a more attractive building in the factory area due to its special location and light temperament.
Standing at the mouth of the cliff and looking westward at the upper reaches of the Xialao Creek, it overlooking magnificent scenery combining a stream, stone cliff and the lush vegetation.

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