Timeless and alluring marble artist – Carrara Italy

Angela Simi is a photographer based in Hamburg whom has recently documented the workplace of Damascus-born marble artist Usama Alnassar. Nestled underneath the steep mountains of the Carrara marble quarries, Italy, the open-air atelier is a mesmerising setting of timeless and alluring beauty.
Angela’s project was inspired by her childhood memories of driving up the winding roads of the colossal marble quarries of Carrara with her father, who grew up in the region.
She wanted to explore a part of her past and tell a personal story through her camera about marble and this magical place with all its surreal beauty and art. Simi wanted to showcase the enthralling remodelling of the marble into artworks.
Unexpectedly discovered during her research work at the quarries, the enchanting studio of the eclectic marble artist Alnassar became the fulcrum of the project.
Located in the midst of an evocative landscape, at the foot of the same mountains that served as Michelangelos’s quarries known as ‘Le Cave di Michelangelo’, Alnassar’s atelier is a beguiling place. Tons of white marble form an amphitheater—used by the artist for performances and events—and various installations and walls featuring striking sculptures.
Captivated by the contrast of the serene and timeless character of the space and the transformative nature of Alnassar’s marble workmanship, Simi recorded the environment and its ever-changing aspect, as well as the artist’s hypnotising skills.

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