Invoking a feeling of nostalgia – Austin

The Inglewood Residence is a light-filled Mid-Century Modern home that was designed around a series of gardens and a centralised courtyard. The existing trees actively participated in the design of the home, both in terms of site preservation and heightening the relationship between interior and exterior. Designed by Mark Odom Studio the intended experience is to be continuously connected with nature while moving through the house. An abundance of floor to ceiling windows lines each space and terraced zones are created internally that help strengthens the visual perspective. A continuous brick wall acts as a spine and moves through the center showcasing the north-south axis of the house and connects each space.
The owner held a previous appreciation for the play between vertical windows adjacent to masonry walls, views into lush and inviting courtyards, exterior materials used on the interior, indoor planters, slatted screen walls, warm wood tones, and needless to say… terrazzo floors” all of which focused the design and eventually the construction of this unique residence. The second-floor loft, with an exterior patio, creates an alternate perspective to both interior spaces and downtown Austin views.
Gardens weave through the interior and exterior portions of the house allowing natural surroundings to blur the line between inside and outside, leaving no space un-designed. Speaking towards sustainable building methods and materials, combining clean aesthetics with structural strength and energy efficiency.
The studio consciously chose to invoke a feeling of nostalgia into the user experience, all the way down to weathering the finish of the flatwork to mimic the original 1950’s driveways in the neighbourhood. The build incorporated repurposed wooden bookshelves into the master corridor that originally came from the client’s father’s classroom, a former Texas school teacher.

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