Played aesthetics – Revisited

Pompen & Verlouw is a new, all-day restaurant located in Den Bosch, a picturesque Dutch town in the south, that takes its name from the 1930s garage that used to occupy the spot.
Inspired by the building’s past incarnation as a garage back in the days when cars were still a product of both industrialization and craftsmanship, Amsterdam-based Studio 34 South have played with these two juxtaposing aesthetics to create an interior that feels both hand-crafted and sleek.
The interior design harmoniously combines materials which were found on site, namely tiles, concrete and steel, with more refined options such as polished wood and soft leather that reference the car interiors of yesteryear. “In the 1930s”, as the two designers explain, “car interiors were luxurious, crafted and tailored. Leather seating, curved forms and wood details softened the experience of driving a machine”. Transplanted into a restaurant setting, these elegant finishes not only convey a luxuriant sensibility but also playfully contrast with those unrefined elements salvaged from the building’s industrial heritage, while constituting altogether a warm and textured palette.

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