Informally sharp – Revisited

With three children under the age of 5, the clients of this home were starting to feel the confines of their Pacific Heights home in San Francisco when the expansive 1902 Italianate across the street went on the market. After learning the home had been recently remodeled, they jumped at the chance to purchase a move-in ready property. They worked with Regan Baker Design to infuse the already refined, elegant living areas with subtle edginess and handcrafted details, and also helped them reimagine unused space to delight their little ones.
Elevated furnishings on the main floor complement the home’s existing high ceilings, modern brass bannisters, and extensive walnut cabinetry. In the living room, sumptuous emerald upholstery on a velvet side chair balances the deep wood tones of the existing baby grand. Minimally and intentionally accessorised, the room feels formal but still retains a sharp edge on the walls moody portraiture gets irreverent with a bold paint stroke and on the the etagere, jagged crystals and metallic sculpture feel rugged and unapologetic.
Throughout the main floor, handcrafted, textured notes are everywhere a nubby jute rug underlies inviting sofas in the family room and a half-moon mirror in the living room mixes geometric lines with flax-coloured fringe.
On the home’s lower level, the studio repurposed an unused wine cellar into a well-stocked craft room, with a custom chalkboard, art-display area, and thoughtful storage. In the adjoining space, a custom climbing wall and filled the balance of the room with low sofas, plush area rugs, poufs, and storage baskets, creating the perfect space for active play or a quiet reading session. The bold colours and playful attitudes apparent in these spaces are echoed upstairs in each of the children’s imaginative bedrooms.

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