House of glass – Brazil

Located in a gated community in the district of Casa Branca, Brumadinho, next to the Museum of Art and very close to the city of Belo Horizonte, Brazil. The region is part of the Rola Moça Park, a huge natural reserve area, listed, full of rivers, waterfalls and trails. Designed by Angela Roldao architects the floor plan is succinct, with no lost spaces which gives an impression of a much larger construction than it actually is.
The client who adopted a minimalist lifestyle and who loves gardening, nature and is an amateur musician whom loves playing the drums! It took him a lifetime to secure a location. The brief was to save as much of the existing trees and vegetation as possible and have quick construction, which ended up being almost a dry construction.
The house consists of two 6x12m modules (maximum size of the steel bar), a 3×12 module, plus the balcony, so as not to waste material as steel is sold by the kilo.
The Glass House is a simple construction. Steel base structure with aluminum window frames, glass, concrete finish closings, techno-cement floor and porcelain tiles in the bathrooms, define the space and capture the surrounding landscape in its splendour.

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