Light filled basement home

Spanish interior designer Lucia Buiza has cleverly converted a 45-square-meters basement in Madrid into a light-filled apartment for a young couple, and their two cats. The project’s basic requirements were to make the most of the space and to fill the entrance with natural light.
This was achieved by altering the height of each windowsill, which was level with the windows and blocked the free flow of sunlight. This minor change meant that light was able to flood in through the windows, reflecting on the walls and floor to give a space full of light and life. The entrance to the apartment is on the upper floor. A glazed door leads to a small hallway, with its walls painted white to give light and continuity to the rest of the home. This small hallway leads to a solid oak stairway that was already in the house and simply needed restoring. A white MDF dado rail was designed with built-in wall washers to brighten the stairs and act as a handrail.
The lower floor is an almost open-plan space with an oak floor and white walls. Privacy between the bedroom, the office area and the lounge is achieved by two iron and glass partitions. This symmetrical layout gives the space visual order and allows the light to flow throughout the entire area.
In order to make the space seem larger, it was decided to use the free space under the stairs for the kitchen, where storage cupboards were also installed. The kitchen is open to the lounge to allow for free circulation.
The private areas are located at the ends of this floor. On one side is the bedroom with its bathroom and, on the other, a multi-purpose space that acts as both a dining room and an office area, and that could be used as a small bedroom in the future, thanks to its storage area and full bathroom.
The small size of the apartment was maximised through a detailed study of the space in order to make the most of it and to take advantage of the entry of sunlight to make the apartment seem larger than it actually is.

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