Canopy House – Melbourne

Set in residential Melbourne, the jaw dropping curvaceous Canopy House embraces organic and architectural form in equal measure. Canopy House, designed by Leeton Pointon Architects + Interiors embraces both organic fluidity and architectural symmetry. Set amongst large elm trees in inner Melbourne, the contemporary home adds a dynamic layer to the existing residential neighbourhood.
Leeton Pointon has embraced a delicate balance between volume and fluidity – a sculptural solid wall conceals the house, behind which a curved volume appears to almost float in air above the entrance. This is a home which explores balance in form and function.
Occupied by a busy family – the house functions on a practical level, divided into different zones to nurture the needs of the family, with careful placement of circulation spaces widening into more communal living areas.
Working with the natural light and its movements throughout the interior was a key element in the design process – features which encourage and control the sunlight include roughly rendered walls on the first floor to provide sun protection to the lower level, large sliding bamboo screens to allow for light control and deep west-facing windows offering further protection from the sunlight and also privacy from the neighbours.


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