Vacation house – Israel

This two-level vacation house located in Israel, is situated at the center of the plot so that each level enjoys a spacious yard. A decorative pool reveals a waterfall towards the entrance of the lot and is surrounded by an access ramp leading to the upper level of the house. The house entrance experience is accompanied by the sounds of water and the shadows of a Weeping Willow tree growing up from the pool.
Designed by Broides architects, the entrance outdoor foyer functions as a front porch that overlooks the front garden and towards a patio that connects between both levels of the house. An impressive staircase made of iron and wood is situated alongside the patio leading to four master bedrooms. Each bedroom consists of a private foyer separated by a frosted glass sliding doors. At the center of the floor a family seating area enjoys a balcony overlooking the backyard and the pool at the lower level.
At the lower level the stairs lead towards a living room where a fireplace hangs from the ceiling and its chimney heating the family room located on the level above. At the other wing of this level a spacious kitchen and a dining area are located one next to each other. Behind them, a rear service area was hidden. The living room and kitchen embrace a roofed outdoor sitting area with a fireplace and a dining area.
A fifteen-meter-long swimming pool at the backyard can be fully shaded by a horizontal and vertical canopy. Access is available directly from the courtyard, featuring the changing rooms and bathrooms for the pool, without the need to pass through the house. The house’s layout is geometrically simple and resembles two white plaster cubes which are separated by the center patio. The main wall of the entrance was covered with an unrefined stone collection in shades of grayish sand and is illuminated by a skylight which emphasizes and enhances the three-dimensional depth of the material.

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