Lush Beverly Hills Bungalow

The re-design of this Beverly Hills Residence focuses on redistributing the home’s layout to create a welcoming internal courtyard. With the architecture re-imagined by Abramson Architects and interiors by Magni Kalman Design, once inside the entry vestibule, a series of well-composed sightlines establish a simultaneously elegant and informal entry sequence. The lush interior garden is a sanctuary, easily accessible from the kitchen, dining room, and living room.
Traditional textures such as rough-cut stone and weathered wood blend with more contemporary elements ranging from smooth-trowel stucco, powder-coated metal, and glass. The second phase of construction, completed three years later, transformed the segmented kitchen and dining area into an open plan concept with a seamless connection to the lush courtyard oasis.
The sophisticated second story addition creates a loose dichotomy between the new structure and the previous single-story dwelling. In response to the home’s location and the owner’s design aesthetic, the second-floor addition is modest and makes no moves to disrupt the privacy of its neighbours.

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